Home truths

Home truths is a multimedia project raising awareness of homelessness and the help available in Pembrokeshire.

spacetocreate worked with Pembrokeshire Care Society through the Pembrokeshire Action for The Homeless (PATH) project, to recruit people from Pembrokeshire, to share their experiences of being homeless and the help that they had received.

In a series of 1-1 interviews these homeless experiences were recorded and have been edited together to create four soundscapes exploring different aspects of people’s experience, from becoming homeless through to the help and advice that has helped each person to move on.

Running alongside this, a group of young people who have an interest in homelessness, and are involved in a longer term project with PATH, worked with artists from spacetocreate to develop material for posters and other campaign materials that can be used in schools and youth clubs around the county.

Image: One of a series of 4 created for a school and community campaign to raise awareness of homelessness and the help available in Pembrokeshire. QR codes on the posters and postcards link to the soundscapes.

A synopsis of what is covered in each soundscape and approximate timings are provided below.

Becoming Homeless

These clips discuss what it is to be homelessness and the different ways people can find themselves in that situation:

  • 0.00 Drug and alcohol abuse
  • 0.58 Relationship breakdown
  • 1.33 Financial debt
  • 3.29 What is homelessness?

Being Homeless

These clips explore the experience of being homeless and the effects it has on other aspects of a person’s life:

  • 0.00 The financial expenses of being homeless and reliance on others, the impact of being homeless on education
  • 0.37 Recovering from an eating disorder whilst homeless
  • 1.31 Becoming dependant within a personal relationship
  • 2.33 The effects of ‘living underground’, the people who you spend time with, how people treat you and drug and alcohol dependency
  • 4.29 The cycle of homelessness, prison and alcohol

Getting Help and Advice

These clips reflect on the help and support that is available for homeless people in Pembrokeshire, including suggestions for improvement.

  • 0.00 The difficulty of approaching somebody for help and using prison as an alternative
  • 0.51 Finding housing after prison and the lack of advice on arranging housing around a prison sentence
  • 01.25 The support available from Gwalia and the probation service
  • 2.30 The value of having daily contact with a youth worker
  • 3.15 The lack of local authority disability support in rehabilitation to independent living, and the value of PATCH
  • 06.25 The lack of formal, coherent advice for young homeless people available from authorities
  • 8.35 The importance of well-informed support networks in helping with rehabilitation to independent living

Moving On

These last clips focus on the importance of work and following what’s important

  • 0.00 Getting a job and a bedsit, paying off debts, moving away and making new support networks
  • 2.25 Finding the specialist services and being prepared to travel to them, accessing training and having ambitions
  • 3.06 Getting an adapted property, feeling the real me and the importance of work
  • 6.02 Applying for Uni

These audio clips are based upon individuals’ perceptions of their own homeless experiences, which may not take into account legislative guidance.

It is uncertain which departments are being referred to during the references to the Local Authority. The voice clips are not intended to be taken in criticism in any way, it is acknowledged that the Local Authority has legislation and guidance to follow.