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Take 5

Take 5 is a multi media project that aims to capture the diverse experiences and perspectives of people with autism, using this as a starting point to raise awareness and increase understanding of Autism amongst the general public and service providers in Pembrokeshire. The project provided a platform for each of the 5 participants, who […]

Looking after us

The project set out to provide a platform for Looked after children and young people leaving care to share their experiences. A series of introductory sessions in the Autumn of 2014 provided opportunities to gather stories, collect images and introduce a range of techniques; including sound recordings, collage and animation. The project continued in January 2015 […]

In the picture

In the picture is a multi media project capturing the voices of a group of young people and providing a platform for them to express issues that are important to them. The starting point was the consultation carried out by Pembrokeshire Youth Assembly in 2014, which aimed to identify issues affecting young people in Pembrokeshire. The project began with […]

Let me be brave

Inspired by the work of disability arts murals Let me be brave sets out to challenge perceptions about learning disability using visual art to communicate feelings and ideas through the creation of a large-scale mural sited in a public square in Haverfordwest’s Riverside Shopping Centre. Young Pembrokeshire People First, a youth group, which is part of Pembrokeshire People First – a well established advocacy […]

Home truths

Home truths is a multimedia project raising awareness of homelessness and the help available in Pembrokeshire. spacetocreate worked with Pembrokeshire Care Society through the Pembrokeshire Action for The Homeless (PATH) project, to recruit people from Pembrokeshire, to share their experiences of being homeless and the help that they had received. In a series of 1-1 interviews these […]