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Art and wellbeing

ART and wellbeing was a pilot programme of visual arts workshops exploring identity and sense of self, using a range of media and learning new skills including: Drawing techniques and face proportions Mono and screenprinting techniques Working in 3D with Modroc and clay The pilot programme was designed and delivered by Pip Lewis and Guy […]

Getting there

Getting there uses animation and sound recordings to share disabled peoples’ experiences of using transport services in Pembrokeshire. Working closely with Pembrokeshire Transport Steering Group, the project set out to create a set of short animated films for use as training and campaigning tools. In the run up to the project, Gill Dowsett worked with […]

Natural Health Services

Natural Health Service is a documentary film made as part of the Clynfyw feasibility study raising awareness of the range and scope of Natural Health Services available in Pembrokeshire and West Wales. Following a group of young people from Clynfyw Care Farm during the Autumn of 2016, as they took part in a series of taster sessions, the film documents […]

Nothing is as it seems

Nothing is as it seems is a film project documenting the diverse experiences and perspectives of people with Head Injuries. The project provided a platform for participants individually and as a group to share their stories and aims to: raise awareness of the Pembrokeshire Headway group highlight the lack of specialist support in Pembrokeshire increase […]

Take 5

Take 5 is a multi media project that aims to capture the diverse experiences and perspectives of people with autism, using this as a starting point to raise awareness and increase understanding of Autism amongst the general public and service providers in Pembrokeshire. The project provided a platform for each of the 5 participants, who […]

Never give up

Never Give Up is a digital media project exploring the experiences and perspectives of people in Pembrokeshire recovering from Stroke. Over the winter of 2015/16 Guy Norman, Pip Lewis and Tangwen Roberts, from spacetocreate community arts, met with members of the Stroke Association Communication Group, and staff from Withybush Stroke Ward to provide opportunities for […]

Sketchbook stories

Sketchbook stories is an art and digital media project documenting peoples’ experiences of living with fibromyalgia as well as the experiences of those caring for them. The material was gathered in Spring and Summer 2015, during a series of visual art, video and sound recording workshops with members of the west wales support group, based in […]

Let me be brave

Inspired by the work of disability arts murals Let me be brave sets out to challenge perceptions about learning disability using visual art to communicate feelings and ideas through the creation of a large-scale mural sited in a public square in Haverfordwest’s Riverside Shopping Centre. Young Pembrokeshire People First, a youth group, which is part of Pembrokeshire People First – a well established advocacy […]