Art and wellbeing

ART and wellbeing documented the experience of three groups who took part in a pilot programme of visual arts taster workshops, which included sessions on:

  • Learning how to draw the proportions of the human face
  • Exploring mono and screenprinting techniques
  • Working in 3D with Modroc and clay

The pilot provided participants with the opportunity to reflect on the experience, enabling them to contribute to the design and co-production of a future arts and wellbeing service.

A series of 3 questions were explored:

  • What are the intrinsic benefits of creativity?
  • How can the arts contribute to wellbeing?
  • What would an arts and wellbeing service look like?

The project will result in an exhibition of selected visual artwork created by the participants and a short documentary film, which can be used to inform the development of an art and wellbeing service.

The three groups who took part were: Pembrokeshire MIND, Pembrokeshire People First and Pembrokeshire Sign and Share Club.

Featured image and other galleries show a selection of work produced in the workshops.

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